August, 2016


Accordion Films

Recently hired to Budget, Schedule, Line Produce and Post Produce a Hospital Campaign for Rothman Institute that included delivering 54 videos raining from 30sec TV spots to 2min web videos which can be seen at


October 2015

Red Bull


Red Bull sponsored Public Art Installation that included video projection on Philadelphia's Oldest Building, City Hall (circa, 1901). I Line Produces the video projection installation over a 5 night period that included 12 projectors aligned and locked on 3 scaffold towers to play the video projection twice a night. It can be viewed here;


December, 2014



Shot on location with Meghan Trainor. With only 5 days to prep 3 creative approaches this promo for Yahoo Live is now showing during the trailers in movie theaters around the US. Shot with two camera crews, three locations, in one shoot day.


June, 2014

Food Network

Beat Bobby Flay

Shot on a NY stage we produced 2 spots for the show BEAT BOBBY FLAY. The creative concept was centered around a nightmare Bobby is having about various chefs trying to beat him at their own recipes.


April, 3, 2014

National Geographic Channel


Budgeted and Line Produced an 8 spot international broadcast and online campaign for National Geographic Channel promoting their "smart programming" on Sunday nights. Our BRAIN character was such a success that NatGeo brought our BRAIN to Las Vegas for a conference and of course while in vegas you must make friends so our BRAIN met up with Elvis and a Showgirl and hit the strip! Watch a couple of the spots on my site under the WORK section.


February 4, 2014


Center City Film & Video

Hired to AD this 4 day shoot on stage for new array of ConAir beauty products.


December 8, 2013



Filmed Mark Wahlberg and his brothers today in Boston as part of a promo for new A&E show Wahlburgers that I was hired to Line Produce and see through post for BIG SMACK. Keep your eyes out for this new show featuring Mark, Donnie, Paul the whole Wahlberg gang as they live, love and work together in opening a new burger restaurant in the suburbs of Boston.


Aug 16th, 2013

BMW Twitter Event


On location with the brand new BMW 4 series. Pulled over in the amazing vineyard in West Virginia to adjust our 2 hood mounts and 4 car interior go-pros. This #unforgettable weekend was broadcast live on Twitter with hourly updates, photos and videos of our BMW enthusiast being one of the first people in the work to drive the new 4 series BMW.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

A&E Duck Dynasty Season 4


Bidder and Line Producer on this 3 spot campaign for Season 4 Premiere of Duck Dynasty on A&E.


January 2013

National Geographic Channel

Brain Games

This pic show the Brain Games logo we had constructed out of cardboard for our end tags and was also used as a key prop in one of of the spots we shot that you can see here on my website under the WORK section.